Why does your sports trip help to achieve the UN goals?

Why does your sport trip help achieve the UNSD goals? Because sport is the essence of our trips and can be a path toward education šŸŽ“ .Here are few reasons why sports šŸš“šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø and development are linkedĀ , and why sport contributes to educationĀ  in a certain way.Ā Sport has a crucial role to play in … Read more about Why does your sports trip help to achieve the UN goals?

Solidarity Race at home

Solidarity Race at home From April 28th to May 11th: 8400 km to reach Madagascar Your steps take educational projects further! šŸ‘£ šŸ‘£ The NGO Agua de Coco will launch its Next Level solidarity race next Tuesday 28th April through the Kinendu app. Join and support their educational projects in … Read more about Solidarity Race at home

UN development goals and how they relate to RuntheWorld

What are the UN development goals and RuntheWorld's commitment to them? There are 17 development goals (ODS) of the United Nations and were created on September 25, 2015, from a meeting with world leaders where a set of objectives are proposed to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure … Read more about UN development goals and how they relate to RuntheWorld

Uri’s Interview

RuntheWorld Adventures: Chapter Uri Costa Hello, adventurers. Many times before signing up for one of our adventures we are asked about the experience and what it is really like to do an "alternative" trip, that is to say a trip to countries that are not traditionally touristic and at the same … Read more about Uri’s Interview

Initiatives to #StayHome

Solidarity initiatives to #StayHome With our world being affected by the Covid-19 in RtW we believe that every difficulty can serve to re-invent us and that adversity allows us to show our most creative and supportive side. We know that the outlook may seem grey to many of us, we do not want to lose … Read more about Initiatives to #StayHome

March 8th Women’s Day

March 8th Women's Day. We introduce you to Carole Sanchez, CEO and founder of RuntheWorld who tells us what the 8th of March means to her, the importance of women in her life and in the creation of RuntheWorld.  "RuntheWorld was born out of love for sport, for the difference, for the … Read more about March 8th Women’s Day

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