Organizations that focus primarily on their own financial performance do not create the competitive differentiation or emotional commitment necessary for long-term success.

Roy Spence & Haley Rushing,
experts in purpose based branding.


Bring your employees together on a unique journey of achievement with a common purpose. Reward their work by showing that in all areas, the company is responsible and seeks to have a positive legacy in the world. The self-improvement during the physical challenge, the team spirit, the feeling of doing something bigger than yourself, stimulates their motivation and increases their commitment to your business. Connected to nature, involved in unique challenges, your team will feel more united than ever in this experience that promotes personal development.

Departments involved: HR, DG

Types of use: 

– Incentive travel

– Annual Convention

Corporate Social Responsibility can be born from the board of directors as well as from the employees themselves. It serves both to position the brand and to give back to society everything that it brings to it. There are several options so that everyone can participate in the experience (from financing the team, match funding or offering extra holidays to facilitate the participation of the teams). In any case, a RuntheWorld experience is the opportunity to communicate the brand values to the outside world and to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Departments involved: Marketing, CSR

Types of use:

– Corporate volunteering

– Visit of financed projects (it allows to know in first person the projects that are financed with the foundation, teaming or other mechanisms of corporate fundraising)

Sharing your corporate values is sometimes a challenge. The experience allows you not only to communicate them but also to live them. Experts say that performance is not only about skills, but mainly about passion and purpose.  Companies that are pioneers in CSR and have a modern HR policy can be found in this type of event. Not only will you meet exciting human beings, but you will also have the opportunity to meet high-level professionals who can become customers, partners as well as friends. 

Departments involved: Commercial, DG

Types of use:  

– Invitation to strategic partners

– Steering Committee

– Networking other corporate groups

With both your employees and your customers, the emotional bonds that are created in such a complete experience will have a huge impact. It will transform participants and build loyalty among your partners and customers who are increasingly looking to the ethics of a company when choosing it. If the adventure is part of a coherent CSR policy, the results will be multiplied even over the profitability of your business.

Departments involved: DG, Sales, Marketing, CSR

Type of use:

– Customer competition

– Solidarity holidays

Assemble your team and transmit your values to the world




Regardless of the causes you support, there is an adventure that corresponds to you and around which you can carry out a coherent and sincere communication campaign. Choose the cause you want to support and we will help you communicate about it.


Depending on your calendar, the cause you want to support, the physical level of the participants, there is an adventure that suits you. Some of our trips have flexible dates and can be set up in a personalized way. Some are challenging races, others have versions adapted to all fitness levels.

Organize a draw, propose it as a prize or select the team or partners you want to bring. They will be the ones who will represent your business in the adventure. Communicate internally or send an invitation to form a mininum 2 person team(s).

You can choose to finance part or all of the trip, or simply grant solidarity vacations/corporate volunteering (the team will self-finance your trip) to make a difference. You can also invite a client or a strategic partner with whom you want to live a different experience. We have corporate packages that allow you to cover the travel expenses of one or several people as well as the communication campaign around the experience.

Participants can now start training and packing. An adventure begins long before we get on the plane. From the reservation, the team can start their fundraising campaign, participate in training with the RuntheWorld community and get to know the organization they will be meeting in advance.

Travel, compete, and make sure everyone wins.

Depending on the package you choose, you can start an internal and/or external communication campaign and share your experience with the world. Beyond the benefits at the level of your brand image, you will give visibility to the projects you visited and increase your impact.


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