Altruistic Adventure in Madagascar

Tourism and project visits with Agua de Coco

2019 | From Antananarivo to Mangily, Madagascar



A new form of tourism, with impact

When a trip is much more than just a visit.

Runtheworld and Agua de Coco are organising a solitary trip in Madagascar. Now you have everything you need ready for an unforgettable experience. 

You will immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of the island and get to know first hand the projects that support and change so many lives. 

With baobab plants underfoot, enjoyable social projects to discover and the opportunity to make new friends for life – this is an emotional and authentic experience that you will not forget. 

Madagascar is a developing country where you can find the necessary infrastructure to have a trip with all the comforts that a western tourist expects, however not only with the hotels or meals, the travel within country is also very comfortable. For the experience to be as beautiful for our travellers as it is for Agua de Coco it is important to come with a positive and open mindset in order to be able to adapt to unforeseen situations or changes. We would  also like to emphasise that the main intention in offering this trip is to raise funds for and promote the precious work of the NGO on the island.


The Experience

This is Agua de Coco. They help to improve the living conditions of 30,000 people each year in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Discover their work first hand in Madagascar alone, with friends or with your business and be part of the adventure.


The Cause

The Trip

The experience will consist of exploring the island over 925Km from Antananarivo until Tulear. One of the first exploritive routes in the country available to tourists. You will cross cities and towns full of 'malgache', national parks and natural reserves. You will also visit some of the NGO's projects along the way and most importantly in Tulear and Mangily where the solitary hotel is located. Before leaving, we will provide you with all the advice you need to prepare for the trip.

The Impact

At the end of the journey you will stay in the solidarity hotel, designed with high standards of sustainability at every level: energy, food, waste, local work entirely dedicated to the NGO projects. All of this will allow you to have a direct contact with the local population and their reality, enjoying a relationship with a peaceful and friendly town. One of the keys of the trip is the fundraising that you will do, which will fund the programs and above all the visibility that you will give to the project.


15 days / 14 nights - 2 parks / 4 days with the NGO

Day 0-1

Depart from Europe and after approximately 11 hours flying, arrive in the capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo. Our hotel chaufer service will transport you from the airport to the hotel. First night in the hotel in Antananarivo 15/07. 

Day 2

From Antananarivo to Antsirabe. Breakfast and departure from Antananarivo around 08:00 in minibus with the chaufer. Stop and visit the foundations workshops and the making of cauldrons in Ambatolampy. We continue the route and arrive in Antsirabe around 12:30h, where we have lunch and spend the afternoon visiting Antsirabe (Lago tritiva). The hotel for the night will be in  Antsirabe. (Journey time: Antananarivo -> Ambatolampy 1.30h; Ambatolampy -> Antsirabe 1.30h. Total: 3h).

Day 3

From Antsirabe to Ambositra. Breakfast and departure from Antsirabe around 08:00. Stop in Ambositra, visit a workshop / traditional market shop. Excursion to Lake Andraikiba (2h) (Journey time: Antsirabe -> Ambositra 1.30h)

Day 4

From Ambositra to Ranomafana

We will have breakfast in the hotel and then travel to Ranomafana. Visit to the National Park Ranomafana (jungle) all day and the hot springs. We finish the day returning to Ranomafana. (Journey from Ambositra to Ranomafana 3.5 hours)

Day 5

From Ranomafana to Fianarantsoa.

We continue on our journey and we arrive at Fianarantsoa. Visit to the projects of NGOs Bel Avenir/Agua de Coco (Farm School), visit to the market and wood craft workshops. Food an visit to the city in the evening. Excursion to the royal palaces (4-6h). Night in a hotel in Fianarantsoa. Raomafana to Fianarantsoa 1.5 hours.

Day 6

From Fianarantsoa to Ranohira.

Hotel breakfast and departure from Fianarantsoa around 8:00am. Stop in the city of Ambalavao (visit to a paper crafts factory). Food en Ambalavao and visit to the Lemur Reserve in Anja (2 – 3 hours). Leave for Ranohira. Arrival at Ranohira in the evening. Night in hotel in Ranohira. (Journey: Fianarantsoa -> Ambalavao 1 hour; Ambalavao -> Ihosy 2h; Ihosy -> Ranohira 1.5 hours. Total: 4 hours 30 minutes).

Day 7

Day in Ranohira. Breakfast and departure from Ranohira around 8am. Visit to the National park, Isalo (all day). Night in hotel en Ranohira.

Day 8

From Ranohira to Tulear. (Journey: Ranohia -> Tulear 3.5 hours). Stop in Antsohamadiro (visit to the Sapphire School by the Agua de Coco Foundation). Presentation and visit to projects run by the NGO Bel Air/Agua de Coco Foundation en Tulear. Food and presentation of the NGO and their projects in the Tropic Cinema in Tulear/ Night in a hotel in Tulear.

Day 9

Day in Tulear. Breakfast in hotel. Visit to Agua de Coco’s projects in the city: the Saltworks School in Ankalika, Center for Nutritional Education, sports centres, center of art and music and social center. Night in hotel in Tulear

Day 10

From Tulear to Mangily. Departure from Tulear in the direction of Mangily in the morning, around 8am, arrival at 9:30am. Presentation of NGO Projects by Del Avenir/Agua de Coco Foundation. Night in hotel in Mangily. (Journey: Tulear -> Mangily 1.5 hours).

Days 11-12

Two days in Mangily

Visit to the farm school and the environmental projects of the NGO.

Free day and/or participation in projects by the NGO. Night and dinner in the hotel in Mangily.

Day 13

From Mangily, Tulear to Antananarivo. Breakfast and relaxing in the morning (beach, pool…). Internal flight from Tulear to Antananarivo and travel to the hotel.

Day 14

Day in Antananarivo. Whole day in the capital. Possibility of guided tour of the city or enjoy a free day: you  can shop, visit the markets, etc. Breakfast and visit to Antananarivo.

Day 15

From Antananarivo to home. In the morning, there is a visit to the crafts markets an in the afternoon it’s time to take the plane back home.

Day 16

Arrival in Europe 🙁


From those who've lived the experience

From Nepal to Guatemala, crossing Madascar and Sierra Leone, they share their experiences with you.

Travelling and being part of an altruist community, passion for sports and willing to share in a dream come true. The days were hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
You have to let yourself be moved, don’t look for reasons why not, which we can find hundreds of, but open your soul and walk amongst the customs, people, their landscape and ways of life.
Agua de Coco
I love the travelling and adventure. But what I love the most is feeling helpful and involved. In RuntheWorld we want to contribute so that we all take part in the change, through optimism.


Live the experience

The price includes your donation the NGO and some of the expenses


You can do it on your own or share it with friends

Agua de Coco receives profits from the organization of your visit through your donations. Without even meeting you, you are and will be the best ambassador for all of the programs that you are going to visit. You can create a fundraising page and talk about your visit with those around you or you can make a donation directly to the association. Organize the event, promote the trip in your company and beat your target so that your trip has even more impact. As us for more information on how we can help you with your fundraising campaign.



An itinerary you can manage

From your arrival to your departure from the island, we will accompany you so that this is an unforgettable experience. The package includes ground transports, all activities relating to the project, accommodation with breakfast or half board (double rooms shares with another traveler or individual rooms) and a guide. And for everything else, we will be with you and we will give you options so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


  • 14 nights in hotels, including Hotel Solidario Mangily. Double rooms shared with another traveler.
  • All breakfasts
  • All ground transport within the country
  • All activities organised by the NGO
  • Guided tour


  • Flights (internal and international) – approx €1000-€1750
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Visa, vaccionations
  • Extra food and activities
  • The donation to Agua de Coco is separate and is tax-deductable


Shall we go to Madagascar?

You can be part of this experience first-hand and feel the change from within.

Individual or group departures in May, July, August and September 2019. Limited places available.

As us for more information and sign up now.

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