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516 km by bike to visit Agua de Coco

New dates coming | From Fianarantsoa to Tuléar, Madagascar



A new way of doing high-impact sports

When a cycling tour becomes the challenge of a lifetime.

In this 516km bike ride organized by Runtheworld and Agua de Coco across Madagascar, you can get to know their projects and experience a once in a lifetime adventure.

You will travel through beautiful landscapes and you will get to know first-hand the projects that your efforts are supporting that change so many lives. Then you will meet those helped by them.

Put your helmet on because for each kilometer, you will earn 2€ and you will make friends for life – this is an emotional and authentic challenge that you will never forget.

Madagascar is a developing country where you can find the necessary infrastructure to have a trip with all the comforts that a western tourist expects. However, this is not only with the hotels or meals. The travel within this country is also very comfortable. For the experience to be as beautiful for our travelers as it is for Agua de Coco, it is important to come with a positive and open mindset in order to be able to adapt to unforeseen situations or changes. We would also like to emphasize that the main intention in offering this trip is to raise funds for and promote the precious work of the NGO on the island.


The Experience

This is our trip and we at RuntheWorld and Roul Mon Coco are here to deliver to you the adventure of a lifetime. 


The Cause

The Trip

This experience will involve traveling across the island from Antananarivo to Tulear for 516km. There will be eight stages by bike. The rest includes visiting parks/projects, and enjoying the wonderful beaches of the island. You will explore cities and towns with all the rich Madagascan culture, national parks, and natural reserves. You will visit all of the projects of the NGO that there are along the way in Mangily where the Hotel Solidaire and the Farm School are situated. All of this will allow you to have direct contact with the local population and their world. You will be enjoying this connection with a peaceful and friendly village. Before you depart, we will give you tips on how to prepare for the trip.

The Impact

You will earn 2€ per kilometre cycled. This is the greatest challenge that you will have. Create your challenge on and raise funds for the projects that you will visit. It will all have an impact from the selection of accommodation made by local people, the hiring of the NGO bus (instead of a typical tourist bus), and the stay in the Hotel Solidaire (designed with high standards of sustainability on all levels: energy, food, waste management, local employment) with the aim that the experience be of maximum benefit to the community and to the NGO’s projects. One of the key impacts of the trip is the fundraising that you will carry out to finance the programs and, above all, the visibility that you will give the project by being there.


16 days / 15 nights - 516 km by bike

Departure from Europe and after approximately 11h of flight, we will arrive to the capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo. Our driver service will transport us from the airport to the hotel. Our first night will be in a hotel in Antananarivo.

We will have breakfast at the hotel and arrive at the School Farm at lunchtime. The organizers will use the day to prepare the bikes. We will have dinner at the farm with the NGO’s staff and the beneficiaries of the social home. You have to start getting used to eating rice. Departure from Tana.

The first stage is not very long but has significant ascents. The Chubasquero forecast has possible rain for the start of our trip, which is very typical of the area. 

There will be a refreshment before lunch. The group will have a picnic at the highest point of the stage prepared in advance by the logistics team. Upon arrival in Ambalavao, there will be a visit to silk and paper craft workshops and we will stroll through the city market. For dinner and sleep the group will stay at the Bougainvilliers Hotel with great restaurants and shared rooms.

This stage is only 12 km from Ambalavaom to the Anja Nature Reserve. It is a protected space of reduced dimensions but has a great wealth of its fauna and flora. The stage on bicycle is done in about one hour and the visit to the park can be done in about two hours. It is a quiet day to relax and enjoy the riches of the country. The group will stay at the Park Hotel which offers shared rooms with individual toilets and restaurant service with European food.

This is the hardest stage in terms of number of km and slope. As an incentive it is worth mentioning that it has a couple of spectacular descents where the landscape is beautiful. Supplies will be made every 20-25 km and 40km from the destination there will be a picnic to eat. The time is just right to reach the village by day and settle in the boarding school of nuns: Père Luigi Ella. It is the third year that the nuns welcome the group and offer them all the best they have. They prepare rooms with mattresses on the floor and access to bathrooms and showers. 

Dinner and breakfast are also provided by them, who cook superbly. The nuns and boarding school can be proposed for a film screening and to see some short films with the people of the village.

This is a short and quiet stage. The group is given a break to rest and to take pictures, as well as stops in the villages to get to know their people. We arrive in time to Ihosy where we eat and have dinner in the same restaurant. It is very rich and homemade Malagasy food. In the afternoon the group can rest or go out to visit the village market. If necessary, a cinema can be organized for the people of the village as soon as it gets dark. The hotel where the group sleeps is called Ravaka and offers shared rooms, some with access to private bathroom and others not. The exterior bathrooms are Malagasy latrines.

Long but moderate stage. Strong ascent at the beginning with 7 kilometers of ascending port. The group makes stops to regroup and the logistics team prevents refreshments to be able to gather strength in each stretch. The meal is planned with a picnic halfway as in all the long stages. Little by little we arrive at the mountainous landscape of Isalo Park where we have time to visit the historical museum of the park. In Ranohira there is a great variety of hotels and restaurants for being a tourist site.

Moderate stage with a couple of significant ups. Supplies become more constant due to the accumulated fatigue of the group. The climate also changes and the sun warms up the area a lot more. The road crosses all of Madagascar’s major mining areas and the group will visit one of the nearest mines or one of the rivers where people work and which is easily accessible by bicycle. Lunch will be a picnic halfway through and dinner will be organized at the school with the NGO people. Accommodation will be in the classes of the same school with some bunk beds and mattresses on the floor. The toilets are Malagasy and there is electricity and water.

Excursion with local people and NGO people to the mines. Explanation of the situation of the region and get to know the villages with more mining activity in the area. Activities with the beneficiaries of the school: sports activities, animation, reading and the possibility of doing a film screening in the evening. The lodging will be the same and the meals will be organized with the logistic team in the same school. Malagasy food due to the lack of resources in the ara.

Long stage in kilometres but with very little unevenness. There is only one big slope when crossing the Zombitse National Park but then it is all very flat. Semi-desert and almost uninhabited landscape. We will go to one of the miners’ villages next to the road to get to know their way of life. 

When we arrive in Andranovory, we will try to organize a cinema for the people of the village. We will eat in the same hostel as the food is delicious.

The last stage on the bike is one of the lightest stages, it is downhill and we can begin to smell the sea. The heat is more intense so the refreshments will be more constant to get to Tuléar with our best smile. Several stops are planned to get to know the crazy crafts. The eating points are extended to make the picnic in “la table”, tourist point a few Km before entering the city. Upon arrival in Tuléar the groups of beneficiaries will be waiting for us with a great welcome at the doors of the NGO. The afternoon is used to rest and settle in the hotel and at night we will have a meeting with the girls from the social home before going out to dinner. Tuléar’s restaurants offer a great repertoire of European and Malagasy food.

In the morning visit the Tuléar projects and in the afternoon departure to Mangily by bus. The road is very flat and the views are beautiful, especially when you can see the sea from the road. Visit to a protected area of mangrove reforestation of the NGO and arrival in the afternoon at Hotel Solidaire Mangily with time to bathe in the pool before tasting the delights of its restaurant. Hotel bungalows can be double or family bungalows and are fully equipped.

Visit of the farm school and the environmental projects of the NGO. 

Free day and/or participation in NGO projects. Nights and dinners at the hotel in Mangily. 

Breakfast and rest in the morning (beach, swimming pool…). Internal flight from Tulear to Antananarivo and transfer to the hotel.

Breakfast and relax in the morning (swimming pool) and extra activity inside or outside the city (Queen’s palace, craft market).

In the morning visit of the handicraft market, in the afternoon it’s time to take the plane to your country. 🙁 🙂


Those who have had the experience

From Nepal to Guatemala, travelling through Madagascar and Sierra Leone, they share their experience.

Traveling and being part of an altruist community, passion for sports and willing to share in a dream come true. Days of hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
You have to let yourself be moved, don’t look for reasons why not, which we can find hundreds of, but open your soul and walk among the customs, people, their landscape and ways of life.
Agua de Coco
I love travelling and adventure. But what I love the most is feeling helpful and involved. In RuntheWorld we want to contribute so that we all take part in the change, with optimism.


Experience it on your own or as part of a group

Travel package from €799 (groups of min. 10 people)

2€ = 1 km – Objective 1032€

Create your challenge with Migranodearena

Agua de Coco receives economic benefits upon the organization of your visit through your donations. Without even meeting you in person, you will be the best ambassador to all of the island’s programs.

Here you have the platform to create a challenge on and an article from the blog which explains how to do it.



Your compensation: three days on the beach

At the end of your journey, you will enjoy Mangily and the Hotel Solidaire. From your arrival to your departure from the island, we will accompany you so that your experience is unforgettable. The pack includes ground transportation, insurance, support car, bicycles, activities in relation to the projects, accommodation with breakfast (dormitories or double bedrooms shared with another traveller), and the guide. You will be able to add other activities to your stay such as diving, whale watching etc…


15 nights in a dormitory or shared double room 
All breakfasts included 
3 dinners included with NGO beneficiaries
All land transportation within the country
All activities with the NGO
Tourist guide
Cancellation and medical insurance (obligatory)
Support car and medical assistance
BTT rental by the NGO (Route suitable for road bike, you can take yours)


Flights (domestic and international – between 700 and 1250€)
Visa (at arrival airport +/- 35€)
Vaccines and malaria prophylaxis
Lunches and dinners (between 5€ and 15€ /day)
Extra activities (diving, excursions…)
Donation to Agua de coco is a separate payment and is tax deductible.


Shall we go to Madagascar?

You can experience this whole adventure in person and feel the change from within.

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