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Trek through the Colombian jungle​

Explore the ancestral paths of the tropical forest, Sierra Nevada and get to know the projects that you are supporting in favor of the rights for indigenous communities, for the education of children in the area and to learn their techniques of integral agroecology.

October 25th – 30th 2020 


You’ve never thought about visiting this part of Africa, right? 

From 5km to a marathon, run the most important race of your life and see the impact of your participation. Finish the week surfing at one of the country’s most beautiful beaches.

October 14th-19th 2020

#SDG #Nopoverty #Zerohunger #Goodhealth&wellbeing #QualityEducation


From the capital to the west coast, you will cover 900 kilometers and you will get to know the way of life of the island’s inhabitants. Walk through natural parks, talk with the local people and visit the social projects that you are supporting. Experience active and responsible tourism.

#SDG #Nopoverty #Zerohunger #Goodhealth&wellbeing #QualityEducation


Visit virgin tropical beaches, green landscapes with a diversity of fauna & flora, and discover a new culture. Try local food, connect with your group or make new friends and share the highs and lows of the adventure (mostly lots of laughs)! 4 days cycling, 300km and memories for life. 

November 2020, open dates

#sustainableeconomy #health #education


516km from Fianarantsoa to Tulear. Eight stages by bike, the rest visiting parks and projects, and enjoying the wonderful beaches of the island. It will make you feel alive to take part in the hardest and most intense ride of your life.

#genderequality #education #health

Our Partners

Agua de Coco acts with integral development projects based on education, health & environment in Madagascar Paraguay & Cambodia

Street Child accompanies families in their business development and provides access to education for street children in West Africa and Nepal.

Aiprodensa aims to conserve nature and share their knowledge of native ancestral cultures in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia.


“Taking a team of 20 employees to participate in the race, visit the projects,mix with the kids and be inspired by the volunteers was so enriching that it shall stay with me forever.”
Roger Bickmore
Business Dev. director, The Kiln Group​
“I think the last few days have been some of the most amazing I have ever had... Seeing all the good work Street Child is doing, speaking with the kids benefitting & understanding how the community feels about the work, is very moving.”
Oliver Jackson
Runner and Employee, Vista Print
"The best part of my experience in Nepal was the people: local community, children, runners and the IMS team. It was an adventure in the wild, a modest camp experience, a physical challenge full of emotions and authenticity."
Carole Sanchez
Founder RuntheWorld

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