We match a company's mission with an NGO

Business improves its branding and engagement

NGO increases visibility and funding

People get transformed and society is improved


From campaign design to travel management

Corporate Social Responsibility and strategic alliances

We deepen the business’ CSR policies merging with an NGO mission

  • Consolidated, audited NGO selection
  • Values and mission match between both organizations
  • Internal and external fundraising campaign
  • Financing mode and amount definition (match funding, sponsoring...)

Marketing, advertising and engagement strategies

All your “stakeholders” will benefit from your actions and we’ll help you measure its impact.

  • Target definition (clients, managers, employees, business partners...)
  • KPI and impact goal definition
  • Full communication campaign design
  • Event and activities management
  • External communications agreement
  • Tailored sports challenge management possible

HR and incentive

If you want to reward your staff and share your company’s values with them, we offer you our experiences and expertise and can also organize on-site training.

  • On site training
  • Cooperation holiday
  • Fundraising event organization's support
  • Incentive traveling

Corporate travel agency

We take care of your people and make sure the experience is unforgettable and positive for your organization

  • Full travel management (accomodation, transfer, transport, restauration, visa, vaccinations, medical team ...)
  • Partner selection on site
  • Corporate event management on site

Impact report and post experience communication

We help your make a difference in society but also for your team and business

  • Press release
  • Testimonials
  • Post event marketing material
  • Engagement, purpose and reputation studies pre and post event


Be part of the journey! Come run the world with us!

Get your own experience

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