Street Child Marathon in Sierra Leone

Solidarity race

From 22nd – 27th May 2019 | Freetown, Sierra Leone



A human adventure, a sporting challenge with impact

Where the power of running unites people and makes a difference.

RuntheWorld and Street Child present the solidarity marathon by Street Child, in the heart of Africa. An unforgettable experience awaits you. As well as experiencing countries and cultures different to your own, you will discover a parallel reality full of surprises and emotions.

In tropical surroundings, you will discover the projects of one of the more active NGOs in the area, you will meet a new group of friends united by the same cause- that is one experience that no cyclist would want to miss.

It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. Street Child’s marathon can either be 10km or 5km. Come alone, with your partner or with your colleagues. At whatever scale you want, transform it into a collective or even a corporate challenge. We have various packages which cover the greatest costs of your stay. What will make a real difference is the fundraising campaign that you will do around your experience. We will help you advertise this fantastic event and you will see the positive impact in person.


The experience

800 people as one. This is what it felt like running for Street Child in Sierra Leone in previous years. Now you can live it and rise to the challenge that will change you forever.


The cause

The Event

It’s not just a race. It’s about one week’s immersion in the local community, an adventure that has an impact on many lives. After visiting rural and urban projects and meeting the families that benefit from the program, you will meet the CEO of Street Child, you will run a unique and ambitious race and you will finish with a big party on one of the country’s beautiful beaches.

The Impact

"In Street Child, we believe that all children have the right to a healthy life, a safe home and the opportunity to receive education. There has never been a more important time to support our work than now. The funds raised from the marathon this year will go towards supporting children affected by the Ebola virus, helping those most in need."


From 22nd - 27th May 2019

Day 1: 23/05

We start the day off travelling through the exuberant, green landscapes of Sierra Leone until we arrive at one of the remote projects of Street Child. You will meet some of the children that live in rural communities who have had the opportunity to go to school, thanks to the help of Street Child. Discover their work building schools and training teachers in rural areas of Sierra Leone and make the most of the opportunity to get involved: play and participate in activities from making paper aeroplanes to teaching a class!

Day 2: 24/05

Today you will explore Sierra Leone’s authentic towns and cities which are full of life. You will discover the charming villages in Sierra Leone and you will visit the busy markets. You will meet the families that are able to support the education of their children thanks to local businesses that have been set up.

Day 3: 25/05

Join one of the workshops from the local Street Child teams to know more about their work; from learning Krio to understanding how to identify those children that need help, you will have the opportunity to discover more about they way they work in the area. In the afternoon, you can choose to either go to the stadium for a unique football match with the local football team, or you can spend the afternoon relaxing in Street Child’s Club House. In the evening enjoy a pasta party to prepare yourself do the day of the race!

Day 4: 26/05

Today is the big day. Join hundreds of local runners to face the challenge of your life. There are distances for all level: from 5km to a full marathon of 42km.

The route allows you to cross some of the most beautiful landscapes in the north of Sierra Leone that wind through exuberant green countryside and local communities. Be it walking, jogging or running, you will be welcomed by the local people and cheered on by the children along the way. The eclectic atmosphere of the race will bring you to the finish line while you fight against the 30 degree heat and the 90% humidity.

Day 5: 27/05

Finish this unique trip with a relaxing escape to one of the most impressive beaches in Sierra Leone: an opportunity to relax and reflect on this one in a lifetime trip.

July 2019

The post-marathon Awards Ceremony is the way in which Street Child shows their appreciation for all those who have participated. The teams and the people will be recognised for their commitment to Street Child in the Awards Ceremony of the London Marathon.

Prizes are awarded for:

  • Top fundraising (team and individual)
  • Spirit of the Marathon (team and individual that best represents the spirit of the marathon)
  • Fundraising heroes (Team and individual that has the most original ideas to raise money)


From those who have already experienced it

From Nepal to Guatemala, crossing Madagascar an Sierra Leone, they share their experiences with you.

Travelling and being part of an altruist community, passion for sports and willing to share in a dream come true. The days were hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Taking a team of 20 employees to participate in the race, visit the projects,mix with the kids and be inspired by the volunteers was so enriching that it shall stay with me forever.
I think the last few days have been some of the most amazing I have ever had... Seeing all the good work Street Child is doing, speaking with the kids benefitting & understanding how the community feels about the work, is very moving.


Live the experience from 390 €

Choose your package. From the most basic to the most advanced.


Our basic offer for an authentic aventure

The AUTHENTIC TRAVELER package is for the most adventurous, you will stiay in a shared dormitory. Showers done with buckets, electricity at nights, there will not be air conditioning. You will probably feel the local reality more intensely and you will live it with a community that, like you, wants to participate in the change.

390 €


Electricity and running water – MOST POPULAR

The ESSENTIAL package is a humble option but with some very nice details: Room with private bathroom, running water, electricity day and night and, thankfully, air conditioning. You will eat lunch and dinner an visit the projects together with the rest of the group, so you will feel part of a very special adventure.

560 €


Swimming pool, gym and hot showers – SOLD OUT

The PREMIUM package is for those who want to experience the adventure, be part of the change and at the same time, feel like they are on holiday in a tropical country. With this pack you will enjoy air conditioning, hot water, electricity, gym access etc. Also, you will be able to take a refreshing swim in the hotel pool.

900 €


  • 5 nights in the place of your choice
  • All food and water
  • All transport within the country
  • Entry to the race
  • All organized activities
  • Invitation to the dinner for the business awards ceremony in London.


  • Flights (aprox. 650€)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa  
  • Vaccinations
  • Drinks (except water, tea…)
  • You can add nights in the hotels on the beach for 75€ or 125 € according to the standard that you choose. Highly recommended! Ask us for more information.

Do you want a challenge for your company?

Are you in Human Resources or Marketing and you think things could be done differently? Join our initiative for people with purpose.


  • You need a team of two or more people. The challenge will be between several companies (800 participants in total) but the ranking will be per activity sector. We can offer some packages for businesses that include both the stay of the participants and the Marketing Package which not only has a local impact, but will help you grow your team and your business.


  • Participate in the corporate challenge and defend the values of your company during a unifying week.
  • You can bring clients, executives, employees and propose a unique experience in your organization.
  • You will do Team Building, Networking and this event will always be remembered as unique by its participants.


Shall we go to Sierra Leona?

All of this adventure can be experienced first hand and you will feel the change from within.

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