300km on a mountain bike in Africa

Solidarity cycling tour

From 28th January to 3rd February 2019| Sierra Leone and Liberia


A human adventure, a sporting challenge which has an impact

Where love for sports unites people and makes a difference.

RuntheWorld and Street Child present the cycling challenge of 300km by Street Child in West Africa, in Sierra Leone and Liberia. For the first time this year, an unforgettable experience awaits you.

As well as experiencing countries and cultures different to your own, you will discover a parallel reality full of surprises and emotions.

In tropical surroundings, you will discover the projects of one of the more active NGOs in the area, you will meet a new group of friends united by the same cause- that is one experience that no cyclist would want to miss.

It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. Street Child’s cycling challenge is for experienced cyclists, given that they will cycle around 80km a day. Come alone, with your partner or with your colleagues. At whatever scale you want, transform it into a collective or even a corporate challenge. We offer you a complete pack which covers the greatest costs of your stay. What will make a real difference is the fundraising campaign that you will do around your experience. Your goal: raise 1500€ of donations in support of your trip. We will help you advertise this fantastic event and you will see the positive impact in person.


The Experience

A united, supportive group overcoming challenges to contribute to change. This is what it feels like pedalling for Street Child in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Now, you can live it and dive into a trip which will change you forever.


The Cause

The Challenge

The route crosses through Sierra Leone and Liberia, so the ground varies throughout the trip. The road surfaces are a mixture of hard paths, made of mud and tarmac. In Liberia, you can expect very flat roads and slight ups and downs. In Sierra Leone, you will travel through difficult ups and downs, on roads made of clay. Street Child works in association with a local cycling shop to get the bikes in Bo, Sierra Leona at the start of the trip; The bikes will be hybrid mountain bikes.

The Impact

Participants of the challenge will work together with Street Child to fundraise and support the children before and during the trip. The goal is to secure €1500 per participant and above all, to raise awareness of the work that Street Child does. When you are there, you will have the opportunity to see the beauty of Africa and to get to know and help the local community. And they can help you too. You will visit tropical virgin beaches, green landscapes with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna and you will get to know a new culture and new friends. In summary, a lot of laughter!


7 days of travel - 4 of them cycling

Day 1

After landing in Freetown, Sierra Leone, you will be welcomed by the Street Child staff and you will travel to Bo. Today is the day to choose your bike and visit the project. Your first morning in Sierra Leone will consist of getting to know the local Street Child team. We will assign you a bicycle and our incredible local mechanic, Karim, will prepare everything for you to start the craziest bike ride of your life. You will take part in an informative initiation and security session by the Street Child team before your first visit to one of the projects in Bo.

Day 2

From Bo to Potoru | Distance: 75.3km

On your first day on the road, you will leave Bo towards Potoru. You will alternate between tarmac and compact mud paths. On arrival at Potoru, you will be received by the chief of the village and the local community. You will sleep in basic accommodation, sufficient for regaining energy to continue the adventure.

Day 3

From Potoru to Sulima | Distance: 93.5km

You will leave Potoru towards Sulima and you will enjoy rural paths which are very calm with only a few slight hills. Sulima is located in the mouth of the river and it is a small fishing village. That night you will stay with the community, hosted in the home of one of the locals.

Day 4

From Sulima to Senji, Liberia | Distancia: 74.2km

Today you will cross the border of Sierra Leone and Liberia around midday. You will get to know the Street Child team in Libera and you will enjoy lunch on the border. The last stretch in Sierra Leone is on some really quiet streets. Once arrived in Liberia, there only remains tarmac with a few slight ups and downs!

Day 5

From Senji to Robertsport Beach | Distance: 61.3km

THe last day on the bike, you will go through the mangrove swamps and bays of the lakes. You will go from very flat tarmac to flat and hard clay. On the way, you will visit one of Street Child’s projects on Cape Mount for lunch. On arrival at the Robertsport beach, you will enjoy a dinner of fresh seafood on the beach while you watch the sunset.

Day 6

You have now completed the challenge. Today you can relax on the beach in the morning before the transfer to Monrovia. You will visit a project and enjoy a day of rest. Enjoy some of the best donuts and coffee in Monrovia.

Day 7

Now it’s time to say goodbye. Today you will prepare to fly home and reflect on this unique life adventure. If you have an overnight flight, you will visit some Street Child’s projects in Monrovia, the home of Street Child Liberia.


Those who have already had the experience

From Nepal to Guatemala, through Madagascar and Sierra Leone, they share their experiences.

Travelling and being part of an altruist community, passion for sports and willing to share in a dream come true. The days were hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Taking a team of 20 employees to participate in the race, visit the projects,mix with the kids and be inspired by the volunteers was so enriching that it shall stay with me forever.
.I think the last few days have been some of the most amazing I have ever had... Seeing all the good work Street Child is doing, speaking with the kids benefitting & understanding how the community feels about the work, is very moving.


Live the experience for €740

Reserve your place and launch your fundraising campaign


Share with your friends and reach your target of €1500.


Street Child doesn’t make any profit on the organization of your visit. Without even meeting you, you are and will be the best ambassador for all of the programs that you are going to visit. You can create a fundraising page and talk about your visit with those around you or you can make a donation directly to the association. Ask us for more information and we will help you with your campaign.


Everything is arranged so that you don’t have to worry about it

Your package includes accommodation, three days of food and clean water, all the transfers between Sierra Leone and Liberia, a dedicated team for local support and for the UK, your bike and a cycling t shirt.



    • 7 nights in different accommodation
    • All food and water
    • Renting of equipment (bike, helmet etc.)
    • Entry to the race
    • All organized activities
    • Local transport in Sierra Leone and Liberia
    • Cycling shirt
    • Accompanying 4×4 vehicle
    • Accompanying team from England, local support team and medical team



  • Flights (aprox. 650€)
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa (for Liberia and Sierra Leona) 
  • Vaccinations (yellow fever..)
  • Drinks (except water, tea…)

Do you want to set a challenge for your company?

Are you in Human Resources or Marketing and you think things could be done differently? Join our initiative for people with purpose.


  • You need a team of at least 2 people. The challenge will be between businesses (between the Street Child Marathon and the bike ride) and the ranking will be done by sector of activity. We can offer some packages for businesses that include both the stay of the participants and the Marketing Package which not only has a local impact, but will help you grow your team and your business.


  • Participate in the corporate challenge and defend the values of your company during a unifying week.
  • You can bring clients, executives, employees and propose a unique experience in your organization. 
  • You will do Team Building, Networking and this event will always be remembered as unique by its participants.


Shall we go to Sierra Leone?

All of this adventure can be experienced first hand and you will feel the change from within. 

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