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Support a team

Support groups of employees to form a team and to live a unifying experience. The team will self-finance their trip, but they will continue to be supported by the company in the preparation of the experience (solidarity holidays, business volunteering, internal communication).

Sponsor a team

Corporate sponsorship allows us to direct all fundraising efforts to our partners’ projects. There are three types of sponsorships available. As a sponsor, your company will receive significant brand marketing in both the sporting and online events. Invite your partners and customers to be part of this experience.

Much more than fundraising and sports


When connected with nature and involved in unique challenges, your team will feel more united that ever. This experience promotes personal and team development, as well as a healthy lifestyle. The challenge inspires self-confidence an growth. Living as part of the community, visiting projects and volunteering creates a special bond in your team and with your clients or partners.

Sharing is living “

Sharing your corporate values can sometimes be a challenge. This experience allows you to not only communicate them, but also to live them. Experts say that performance is not only linked to ability, but mainly to passion and purpose. Finding a common purpose with those interested will make more of a difference than just the passion shown. Your participation will align with your CSR and it will grow your reputation and the commitment of your employees and partners.



Team Building 



Sierra Leone Marathon 2017

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