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Last updated 08/05/2018

These terms and conditions are applicable to all available services on https://runtheworld.co/. RuntheWorld is retail Travel Agency, owned by Carole Sánchez, Carrer de Bailén, 185 6º 3ª, 08037 Barcelona, with TIN x7521579G registered as a travel agency in Catalonia. Email address: carole@runtheworld.co, Telephone: +34 644 388 954.

By accessing, navigating and using our website or any of our available applications through the “website” platforms and/or making a booking, the user accepts that he/she has read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions (including the Privacy policy).

This website, its content, structure, infrastructure and the online trip booking service that constitutes the “service”, belongs, is managed by and provided by RuntheWorld, (“RtW, “nos”, “nosotros”, “nuestro”). The contents of its web page, structure, infrastructure and services supplied can only be used for personal reasons, not commercial purposes, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified below. 

1. Acceptance and availability of the General Use Terms.

Through the acceptance of the present contract, the User declares the following:

They are over 18, with the right to sign legal contracts in his/her own name.
That they have read and accepted the present Terms and Conditions of Use. These General Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the contractual relationship that arises after the realization of an order from the website https://runtheworld.co/, owned by Carole Sánchez, on the part of the User-Client. The User accepts the General Terms of Use from the moment that they formulate an order on the website, use, contract or acquire any service. This document can be printed and stored by the User-Clients.

2. Modification of the General Terms of Use

RtW can modify the General Terms of Use, notifying the Users, with the intention of improving the services offered through their website.Through the modification of the General Terms of Use displayed on the RuntheWorld website, the duty to notify users will be understood to have been complied with. These modifications will not be retrospectively applicable and they will not affect, therefore, any orders placed before the modification. The General Terms of Use contained here are contractual, obligatory and binding.

3. Scope of our service

Carole Sánchez is a professional freelancer whose main activity consists of undertaking mediation activities and/or the organization of touristic services. On the website, https://runtheworld.co/en/, RtW offers the User the access and use of content, information and tourist services, amongst those are: booking package holidays related with visiting projects managed by non-profit organizations, the realization of sporting challenges (such as races, bike rides etc.) with volunteer work. The present General Terms of Use regulate the generic use of the website. The contract in effect for the services offered by RtW is governed by its specific conditions, in accordance with the legislation in place.

The fulfillment by the User of bookings or purchases of products or services from these providers or package holiday organizers with that the User chooses, will be subject to the particular terms and conditions that such package holiday providers and organizers establish for each case.

The information about offers, products or services, prices, routes, distances, characteristics and any other relevant data and information about the products offered through the website, corresponds to that which was provided to us by the touristic providers (hotels, wholesalers, etc…). The origin of the accuracy on such information comes from the generating operators themselves. The services offered through the website https://runtheworld.co/ are purely for personal use, not commercial. Therefore, it is not permitted to re-sell, ue, copy, monitor, show, download or reproduce the content, the information, the software, the products of the services available on our website for any commercial or competitive activity

4. Limit of responsibility

Certain information included on https://runtheworld.co/ has been contributed by service provider that are offered on the aforementioned site. RtW will do everything possible to ensure that the information gives the User a correct and reliable idea about the services offered.

In addition, RtW will not be responsible for any consequences deriving from the offense of any User which affects the rights of other others or third-parties, including copyright, brands, patents, confidential information or any other rights.

RtW will not take responsibility for the inadequate use of service as a consequence of maintenance work, or defective configuration of the IT team of the User, or the insufficient capacity to support the necessary IT systems for the use of the services offered.

5. Images

Images published on https://runtheworld.co are intended to give the User an accurate and reliable idea of the services offered.

The copyright on all images contained on the RtW website is exclusively owned by Carole Sánchez and is protected by national and international copyright and patent rights, therefore it is prohibited to use any of the aforementioned photographs outside of the website in any way, including for the User’s normal use or enjoyment.

6. Legal Jurisdiction

Parties are subject, at their choice, to the resolution of conflicts and with resignation of any other jurisdiction, to the judges and courts of the User’s home.


  1. The price:

The price of the trip bought through the RtW website is based on the services and dates selected by the user, and it will depend on the number of people included in the booking.

It is the responsibility of the user to revise the section “included” and “not included” before completing the purchase. In these sections, there are accurate details of all the services included in the booking.

Tourist rate: In certain countries, the hotel establishments can require a payment/tax which must be paid in the same establishment and users will be informed. Check in each case according to destination.

Only the agency is able to revise the price, either to higher or lower it, as long as this revision is done 20 days before departure and as long as it is not a significant change, in other terms, 15% difference in the price of the trip. In addition, the aforementioned revision can only be carried out to adjust the price of the trip for the following:

  1. For the types of change applied to the organized trips.
  2. For the price of transport included in the trip, including petrol costs.
  3. For the rates and taxes related to specific services, such as airport tax, boarding, disembarking and similar included in the price.

If the revision of the price is over 15% more than the original price, the agency will immediately inform the customer, who will be able to resolve the contract

The customer must communicate their decision to the agency with three days of being notified of the modification. If the customer does not communicate their decision in the period indicated, it will be understood that they have opted for the resolution of the contract.

2. Cancellation and modification requests by the user

2.1. Cancellations

In the case that the User desires to apply for a cancellation of their booking, they must send an email to: hello@runtheworld.co

If there are is a cancellation policy for the specific trip, this will be indicated in the section of the offer entitled “conditions”. If there are no specific conditions, the cancellation costs will then be applied.

In the case that the user applies to cancel their booking, they will have the right to a refund of the amount specified in the cancellation policy, but it should compensate RtW for the following elements indicated:

  1. 10% booking tax in the form of administration costs for cancellation*, except if the cancellation is due to any force majeure.
  2. The amount of the cancellation tax applied to RtW by the providers.
  3. A penalty, which consists of 5% of the total cost of the trip if the termination of the contract is done more than 10 working days and less than 15 days before the start date of the trip; 15% between 3 and 10 days before, and 25% if within the 48 hours before.


3 – Cancellation and modification of the trip by the organizer

3.1 Modification of the trip on the part of the organizer

  1. Before the departure, RtW is able to make any necessary changes for the purpose of improving the trip as long as they are not significant. Necessary changes are considered significant if they prevent the purpose of the trip from being realized due to its general or specific characteristics.
  2. With the assumption that RtW feels obliged to make necessary significant changes, they will notify the customer immediately. The customer can choose between accepting the changes to the contract, which will state the new conditions in detail and the effect on the price, or resolve the contract. The customer must communicate their decision to the agency with three days of being notified of the modification. If the customer does not communicate their decision in the period indicated, it will be understood that they have opted for the resolution of the contract.

3.2. Cancellation of the trip by the organizer

  1. The cancellation of the trip, for any reason that is not attributable to the customer, gives the right to resolve the contract with the rights present in the General Terms of Use.

  2. If the cancellation of the trip is communicated within two months before departure, RtW must pay compensation to the customer, in accordance with the amount of time left before the departure, as follows:
  1. 5% of the cost of the trip if cancelled more than 15 days and less than 2 months before departure.
  2. 10% of the cost of the trip if cancelled more than 3 days and less than 10 days before departure.
  3. 25% of the cost of the trip if cancelled within 48 hours of departure.

There is no obligation to pay compensation in the following instances:

  1. When the cancellation occurs because the number of people registered is lower than necessary to organize the package holiday. In this case, RtW will communicate the cancellation to the consumer a minimum of 10 days before the scheduled date of departure.
  2. When the cancellation of the trip if for any force majeure. Force majeure causes are those circumstances out of the control of RtW, abnormal and unforeseeable, whose consequences would not have been avoidable, despite having acted with due diligence.


Missed departure

A missed departure occurs when the customer does not inform the organizers that they do not want to travel and does not arrive at the scheduled time and place for departure.

In this case, they lose the right to a refund and they are obliged to pay any remaining fees.

If the missed departure happens for force majeure reasons, the customer has the right to a refund of the quantity paid, except for administration and booking cancellation fees generated before that moment.

Force majeure causes are, but are not limited to, death, an accident or serious illness of the customer or one of the people with which they live or any other similar instance that stops him/her from participating in the trip and communicating this impossibility before departure.  

  1. Voluntary changes and early returns

In the case that the client, once the trip has begun, voluntarily requests any modification to the contract services (.e.g. Overnight stay, hotel changes, etc…) the price of the touristic services will possibly not correspond to those published in the offer that was in place upon booking. Carrying out this type of administration will entail a minimum cost of 50 euros depending on the type of offer. Check in each individual case. 

  1. Passports and visas

It is the responsibility of the user to check that both their personal documents and those of their family members, in the case of all passengers (minors included), are in order and have not expired. In the case of the passport, visa or document of national identity, the user must verify the requirements demanded by the regulation in the country that they are going to visit. It will be their responsibility to obtain a passport or any other requirement demanded. An non-Spanish citizens must consult the consular representations or appropriate bodies for the entry requirements of each country.

In the case of the documentation being rejected by any authority or being denied entry to the country for not complying with the requirements or not having it with them, RtW will not be responsible for the additional costs, nor will they refund the cost of the trip. Those under 18 should bring written permission, signed by their parents or teachers, as a precaution in case it is requested by any authority. 

  1. Transfer of the booking.

The user can transfer their booking to a person that fulfills all of the required conditions in the leaflet and in the contract to carry out the package holiday.

The transfer must be communicated through any means to the agency and it will be free if it is received a minimum of 15 days before the start date of the trip. If the user communicates it late, the agency can accept it but they can also demand that the user pays administrations costs which will not exceed 10% of the cost of the trip.

In any case, the user and the person that has transferred the booking respond jointly to the agency for the rest of the payments, as well as for the additional justified costs that could be caused by the transfer.

  1. General Conditions of the trip

For anything not mentioned in the Terms of General Use of the website https://runtheworld.co/ , it will be in accordance with the Royal Decree 1/2007, approving the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and users and other supplementary rules.

  1. Privacy Policy

At any point, you can limit the gathering or use of personal information which is provided on our website. Each time that you are requested to fill in a form, such as registering as a user, you can check or uncheck the option to receive information by email. In the case that you have checked the option to receive our bulletin or advertisements, you can cancel it at any point.

In accordance with what is written in the Organic Law 15/99 on Data Protection, the client accepts that their personal data, and all that could be facilitated in the future, is gathered and processed in a file, owned by the agency RuntheWorld, with address  carrer de l’encarnació 142 in Barcelona, Spain. This data has been gathered by the agency RuntheWorld with the aim of managing and developing the set of services with the client, it being necessary in order to fulfill these purposes.

The person affected can exercise the rights recognised the Law and, in particular, those of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing which can be sent to hello@runtheworld.co for the sole purpose of managing the transfers, collection and payment that give rise to the business relationship and the use of our services.

For the purposes of article 34. Data Protection Act, the person concerned gives his consent implicitly in the purchase of a service or in claims on this, so that we can transfer the necessary data to the booking in the hotel, transport and other hired services to which the addressee belongs (wholesalers, booking offices, airline and shipping companies and similar) and, if it were necessary according to the service or trip to be carried out, with any destination in the world, including, in their case, those that don’t offer the level of protection comparable to that demanded by the Data Protection Act.

RuntheWorld reserves the right to change the terms of the current Privacy Policy at any moment.

  1. Claims

The consumer may make a written claim for the non-execution or poor execution of the contract by RtW, who shall reply within 30 days.

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